Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Do You Want From Me?

Is it too hard to ask for 20 minutes of alone time at night? Apparently it is. Between the motor mouth of a husband and the extremely hyper Chihuahua, I think this is impossible.

Oh help me please get the strength to...you know what? I can't even concentrate with the sound of TV blaring in the background. No this television is not in the same room, no this television is not even on the same floor of the house. This television is on the 1st floor and the volume must be on fifty-fricken-five ARE YOU DEAF? Is this thing on? I can't even hear myself think right now. Lord have mercy on my soul right.

All I would like to do is relax and write a bit but this is very difficult. I simply say, "Dear, Could you please give me a few minutes?" Maybe I am not being clear enough because for the next 20 minutes I have heard, "Will you iron my clothes for work in the morning", "Hey, come here and look at what I did, I made the bed", "Do me a favor and check my Facebook for me." Then he proceeds to scream up the stairs, "BABE, IS THIS BOLOGNA STILL GOOD?" For Christ Sakes I just need a Fucking moment of silence.

Not to mention, the entire time he is interrupting me the damn dog is standing in front of him, guarding him, for no reason at all. Not only does he stand there and stare, he growls the entire time as well. This place is a God damn zoo.

Now that things are starting to quiet down, I've forgotten what I was going to write about in the first place. That is okay, I guess this ranting will do for now. At least I am calming myself down. Not for long though. I can tell you how this will pan out.

My husband will soon fall asleep on the couch watching the loudest TV in the world. How you could even fall asleep to that is beyond me, but anyway, I will try to wake him to come up to bed and the Chihuahua will not have any part of this. He will sprint across the couch and dive towards me trying to bite any part of my body he can get. I will then continue to argue with the asshole dog for 10 minutes; all the while the husband still sleeps.


Since the Chihuahua is on a rampage now, he is upsetting our other dog, the mutt who is 9 yrs old and acts like she’s 50. She now begins to bark just about as loud as that TV.

Now the only sane one in the house, my cat, is upset from all the noise and he comes down and wants to know what the hell is going on? I tell him to mind his business and continue to argue with the Chihuahua. I get tired of arguing and I chose to let the Chihuahua win as usual and I take my ass back up the stairs.

I then get my peace and quiet I have been wanting the entire time and it is time for bed.

Oh well.

The End.

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